Every Believer Has At Least One Gift.

Some Christians act as though following Jesus is all about soaking in his love and blessings.  At Westminster, we believe that whatever good things Jesus gives us are intended to be shared with others, so we look to be servants for His church and community, using God's gifts to improve the lives of other people.

Even though you might think you have nothing special to offer, the truth is that if you are a follower of Jesus, the Bible tells us that you have at least one special gift to offer in service to others.  We want to help you discover what gift(s) you might have and to find a place to put them to work.  A good first step is to take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory, and then work with us to find that special place in life that God has in mind for you.

Senior Living Options 

Shelia Westerfield recently created a program titled "Senior Living Options."  The 1st event was held on April 6, 2019 with around 42 people in attendance, including covenant partners,valued guests, concerned family members, and members of the general public.


The many different options for Senior Living were discussed and explained so that all in attendance understood the terminology and expectations for each option.  I will tell you that as one of the youngest people there, I really had no clue about how any of it worked before attending.  Afterwards, I was blown away with the thought of how hard it would be to make these types of decisions in a matter of days and not having any idea what my options would be.


Please join me in giving thanks to God for leading Shelia to create a program like this and sharing her gifts with all of us.  


-Elder Jason Drury

CPR/AED Certification Class

In November of 2018, 13 covenant partners (members) successfully completed the certification course to better serve our church during a medical emergency.  We now have over 20 covenant partners certified to offer CPR or AED aid in a crisis situation.  We will offer the class again in the future for those who would like to become certified and prepared for these life saving techniques.  May we never need to use these skills; but if we are needed, we will be prepared to act.

WPC Prayerline

The Westminster Prayer line is an excellent way to be informed of the prayer requests and updates of our church.  If you would like to receive frequent updates or if you know of someone in need of prayer, please email sheliaw@wpc10.org.  As much as we try to include all those in need of prayer, there are times their needs remain in confidence.  We pray for those who seek community prayer, but we we also ask God to help those whose need is still only known to their heart.  We are prayer warriors, let us show you.

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