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Putting faith into action, every believer has at least one gift.

Some Christians act as though following Jesus is all about soaking in his love and blessings.  At Westminster, we believe that whatever good things Jesus gives us are intended to be shared with others, so we look to be "squeezed out" into our church and community, using God's gifts to improve the lives of other people.

Even though you might think you have nothing special to offer, the truth is that if you are a follower of Jesus, the Bible tells us that you have at least one special gift to offer in service to others.  We want to help you discover what gift(s) you might have and to find a place to put them to work.  A good first step is to take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory, and then work with us to find that special place in life that God has in mind for you.

WPC Prayerline

The WPC Prayerline is an excellent way to be informed of the prayer requests and updates of our church.  If you would like to receive frequent updates or if you know of someone in need of prayer, please email  As much as we try to include all those in need of prayer, there are times their needs remain in confidence.  You may also complete the form on the CONTACT/FIND US tab.